I am here to help businesses and churches with their designs as a freelancer a web and graphic designers around the globe.

As a designer, I'm here to help my
clients focus on what they love in their company or church while I focus on their vision on their business or church designs

I became a web and graphic designer to help you focus on you more than on the image of your business with your vision. So let’s go get you more clients!


You’re company is great, with the best products

and you are great at what you do

So -- why is it hard for you to get clients.

It's do to the image you have to represent results.

It gets really hard when you’re
trying to get all your business running, do what you love and create all contents you need for your web and graphic design on your own.

I listen to this all the time with from my clients.

Most of the client say they have struggled watching web and graphic tutorials to learn and specially when they don't have time or just don't work for them.

Some client have said that freelancer have disappear after they paid thousands of dollars in deposit fees. (2).png

Passionate Graphic


Founded in 2017, Passionate Graphic I work with web and graphic design. Passionate Graphic is based in Orlando, FL. Over the month we've been building a reputation for building websites that are easy-to-use and with excellent. company. Specializing in branding small businesses, Passionate Graphic offers everything you will need to market your brand to the fullest. This includes logos, business cards, flyers, websites, packaging, and social media promos. Passionate Graphic take the extra mile to understand a brand in its entirety, to fully come up with a marketing strategy and design sure to gain exposure for your company and increase revenue. 

If you are passionate and like what I do, then let us work together, and 
let's get in touch.



Hi, I'm Omar Irizarry the founder and CEO of Passionate Graphic..

Started at 27 year old in 2017 and has taken off during the years. I continues to find ways to strive to give each client the best experience they can get. I have so much planned for the company in the coming years. There's no better place to start branding yourself and your company. I have the ability to create and design with creativity. I am completely self taught and has mastered the fields of web and graphic design, web development and internet marketing with a keyboard and a mouse. After year working on This fields I decided to persuade my career by becoming certified by Wix, Photoshop and other field. I am passionate for entrepreneurship and I'm captivated by the possibilities of what can be created with human hands. When I'm not in the office, you can find me working my other companies that have successfully become number 1 in the market (FARMASi, MONAT, The Talk By Omar Y Lorena and being Pastor) one on one with other young entrepreneurs helping them find their true calling in life.